Back to Eden Gardens Around the Web

Below is a listing of Back to Eden gardeners documenting their journeys online. I hope you will visit their sites for ideas, inspiration and tips on this method of gardening.

If you know about a Back to Eden gardener recording their experiences on a blog or video channel, please comment below so I can add them to this listing.

Blogs – This website. :)

The Compound – The blog of the Schulz family documenting their gardening adventures, including their Back to Eden experience.

Suburban Homestead Blog – ‘Chronicles of a Suburban Farmer’

Santa Clara Garden – ‘Better Living Center’ blog, based in Santa Clara, Oregon.

Homestead Acres – A site about ‘Reviving the Simplicity of Yesteryear,’ Kim is documenting her own Back to Eden journey there. – This blog features a video by ‘Jim and Ginny’ documenting their start of a Back to Eden garden.

Video Channels

L2Survive – A YouTube survival channel featuring an interview with Paul Gautschi, as well as videos detailing the victories and failures of L2Survive’s own Back to Eden garden.

Paladin Prepper – A YouTube channel providing ‘survive and thrive information’ including the Prepper’s own Back to Eden garden experiences.

LDS Prepper – Another YouTuber documenting their survival-preparedness and Back to Eden gardening journey.

LarryLHall – All kinds of videos on this YouTube channel, which also documents his Back to Eden gardening.