Back to Eden Garden Update: Another mountain of woodchips

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While my son and I were over in town with my brother, Sam, today, our woodchip guy came and delivered another huge truckload of woodchips.

What perfect timing! I’ve ordered my topsoil and cow peat to be delivered tomorrow, so I already know what we’ll be busy with this weekend, Lord willing. :)

Our game plan will be as follows:

  • Take up black plastic in areas still covered. Go back over the areas with newspaper.
  • Mix our top soil and compost. (We could have ordered the top soil and cow peat already mixed, but that would have been 20% more expensive than it was with us having to mix it ourselves.)
  • Cover the newspaper with the top soil/cow peat mixture, focusing on where our rows will be.

BUDGET TIP: Because we have such a large area, we decided to narrowly focus our covering layers in the most cost-effective way. We’ll only be putting the soil down where we know we’ll be planting this year. Everywhere else is just getting the woodchips, which we’re getting for free. This year’s woodchips, which will have decomposed a great deal by next spring, can then serve as the planting medium for next year’s garden as we move our beds around.

  • After the soil layer is down, we’ll be bringing in the wood chips.
  • Once we’re done with all of that, it will be time to get some seedlings in the ground!

I’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned…. ;)

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