Murder, She Wrote to return to Netflix

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Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote

Imagine my dismay when, right in the middle of working my way through season 12, Netflix unceremoniously dropped Murder, She Wrote from their lineup.

One of the greatest, and most successful programs to ever air on network television โ€” as evidenced by a 12-season run, four made-for-TV movies and a spin-off series, The Law and Harry McGraw โ€” Murder, She Wrote is, for many of us, one of the crown jewels in the Netflix catalog.

I couldn’t care less about watching shows like The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad, but give me truly great television like mystery writer Jessica Fletcher solving murders, or private investigator Thomas Magnum running down the bad guys in Magnum P.I., and I’m one happy girl.


Click here to read my chat with the helpful and courteous Netflix customer service rep.

I decided to take matters into my own hands today and contact Netflix to inquire as to whether or not they intended to add Murder, She Wrote back to their lineup. I wasn’t sure if it was a program leasing dispute, or what.

After engaging in an instant chat with one of Netflix’s superb customer service agents, Zanika, I learned that the issue was simply that there were some content streaming issues with the problem and they had pulled the show down while they worked to resolve the problem.

Here’s my favorite part of the chat, where she assures me the show will be back in the queue in no time flat:

Me: Thank you so much for the update. So I suppose that means I can expect my favorite show back up on Netflix sometime in the near future?

Netflix Customer Service rep: Oh yes, as soon as the glitch is fixed it will be back up and running.

So, my fellow Murder, She Wrote fans, rest easy! We’ll be back to solving those mysteries with Jessica faster than you can say ‘Cabot Cove.’



  1. Kaladia says

    Thank you so much for your inquiry and sharing the response with us. I found great trouble in attempting to accept that I would no longer be able to enjoy Jessica doing what she does so well. This show has become a part of my life. I panicked the day I tuned in to watch and the show was gone. I can now sleep well again :)

  2. Taylor says

    Hi, I just did my own Netflix Help Chat. The conversation went a lot like yours. Very chatty and he expressed how much he also wanted the show to come back. Not sure if that’s just a customer service ploy…. “I love (insert show title here)”. I was told that Netflix was attempting to negotiate for the rights again. Not sure how much of the information I was given is actually true. All we can do is keep bombarding them with requests. There are also two petitions on I signed both.

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