Netflix “Murder, She Wrote” Update – Expired contract!

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Murder, She Wrote

Well, as it turns out, the Netflix customer service rep who told me last week that Murder, She Wrote would back in the Netflix lineup as soon as they worked out some technical glitches with the program was, unfortunately, misinformed.

I contacted Netflix customer support again tonight because, hey, I’m impatient. Tonight’s Netflix rep, Brent, told me this:

“It turns out they weren’t certain if it was down for maintenance or if the contract had expired, but in a few days it was revealed that the contract did expire. It’s not great news, but it’s not horrible news either as all our shows expire. All that means is that it’s time to renegotiate the contract. We have contract acquisition teams dedicated to that.”

Then, he said he’d be sure and note my enthusiasm for the show, and that it’s feedback from customers that helps get shows renewed on the service.

So, I hope Murder, She Wrote fans will waste no time contacting Netflix customer service to voice their love for the show so we can see that contract renegotiated.

I read they’re planning a remake of the show. I don’t plan to watch it, as there’ll only ever be one Jessica Fletcher in my book.


    • Sara says

      I’ve taken a break from the site for a while, but am glad to see this item on my “Murder, She Wrote” update. Thanks for sharing the link!

  1. Lady Marissa says

    While looking for a specific movie on Netflix tonight, I was THRILLED to see that Murder She Wrote IS BACK!!! I just had to remove it from my list & re add it to my list & I’ll be watching it again tomorrow!!! (01/10/2014)

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