Our Bucket-O-Seeds has arrived!

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Just a small selection of the seeds!

Oh happy day!

Our Bucket-O-Seeds arrived from Mozybeau Farms.

Well, actually they arrived last week, but I was just too busy to post about it.

The seeds are packaged with clear, informative labeling in little zip poly-bags. They smell wonderful — so fresh!

I don’t know if I’m more excited about planting, in general, or about all of the new things that I’ve never even attempted growing before that were included in the Bucket-o-Seeds. There were vegetables such as Kohlrabi and Swisschard, sprouting seeds such as Amaranth and Quinoa, and a whole variety of herbs — although those came in a separate order of Culinary and Medicinal herbs.

All in all, I have over 50 packets of seeds and was able to get it all for under $60.

And I just couldn’t wait… I’ve already started one flat of seeds indoors — four varieties of tomatoes, two carrots, two peppers, onions, radishes and two varieties of lettuce.


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